The Goon Massacre of 2020

Why is Everyone and their Mum raiding the Goons?

So picture this in your head, its a Lazy Monday Evening and you’re just trying to disguise Torn as yet another important site and play while working and then you look up at the new News Ticker feature and see something about a goof… wait what is goof? oh no its Goon and holy shit 32 pages and 150+ likes wtf? This must be huge right? right?

Yes Indeed it is, At the Time of Writing over 22 Factions and a Raid score over 23k now that is HUGE, No Not the raid score but the number of factions raiding. A 22 vs 1 what could have these Goons possibly have done?

This is what AlexaNikkole had to say on their Thread

I guess when you talk shit you get hit… I don’t know quite what they did this time, but THB has raided them before for talking shit… Guess they definitely pissed off the wrong people this time.

To figure this out i decided to have a chat with resident The Real Goon


oh well that wasn’t very helpful guess i’ll move on and read the whole 47 pages.

Thankfully on page 2 Odo gave a rundown of the chain of events

So the Entire Ordeal seems to have Started 3 Months ago on/around september when a Goon member mugged Willroc-a-fella’s Wife and there was strong retaliation from Willroc-a-fella, Goons did Gooning to make it worse but they soon calmed down. A Month later Goons Added “Wife Muggers” to their factions description which Obviously Resulted in Triggering Willroc-a-fella but around this time goons had beef with snoopy420 so they raided him, when Willroc-a-fella stepped in Goons went all in on “Wife mugger” gimmick and basically shot their foot.

Here’s some Screenshots provided by Poonenc

At the Time of Thread creation the Number of factions raiding goon was 13, now its 22 thats almost a 69% incease.

The Factions Raiding Goons at the Moment are:
  1. Bully Beatdown
  2. DOG_PEN
  3. The Dominion
  4. New Sith Order
  5. The Brotherhood of War
  6. 420 Vengeance
  7. The Bunker
  8. The Smokehouse
  10. HOOLIGANS Family
  11. The United
  12. The Dothraki
  13. Kingsmen
  14. Tainted Realm
  15. Weird Name Barracks Faction
  16. Crime Synicate
  17. DarkHearts
  18. BoWAR 4.20
  19. BoW 2.5 Medical
  20. The Rifle Academy
  21. The Rifle Company
  22. Torn Galactic Republic

What do the Goon’s have to say to this? From the Thread its clear at every opportunity to surrender, apologize or give in they just doubled down, tripled down and quadrupled down here’s a quote from their faction description at this very point in time.

As of Mon 08:04:49 - 30/11/20 we have been hit 2500 times equalling 62500 energy. that is equal to 3125 cans of munster energy drink, costing $5,075,228,125. I hope Willroc-a-fella is paying you accordingly.

Is This temporary damage? Apparently not according to a goon slapper, no matter what faction’s Goon’s spend their Goony money buying, Willroc-a-fella and Co will absolutely destroy anything filled with Goons.

Here’s an Apology letter sent by the Goon Leader

Is this it?

Probably yes i guess, there’s really no way of knowing if they’ll ever truce given the history of negotations that took place (or the lack there of) and the fact that goons keep on shooting their own foot. This is one of those times when you do not get into trouble at first, but the trouble slowly keeps on building and building only to be unleashed on one fine day. Hopefully if this ever ends we get to hear from both sides who have been really silent when i reaced out to them.

Guess i’ll leave you guys hanging with this quote from masyrne

the folks I’ve been speaking with from the non-goon side have been calling it the “Great Thanksgiving Massacre of 2020” while the goons are calling it the “Unfortunate Bear Poke of 2020”.

I will update this once i get more info in.

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[Disclaimer: TheGoon chat is fake and was created for “Entertainment” Purpose]