About TornHub

Welcome to TornHub

A Well Maintained Fan Site for Torn City

What is TornHub

The Obviously cringe uncreative name aside, TornHub is an Entertainment + News Hybrid fan site for the game Torn City

What are the features of TornHub?

  1. TornHub is free to Access.
  2. TornHub is Open Source (source code available at Github)
  3. Tornhub is Actively Developed, Maintained and Updated.
  4. TornHub Hosts user generated content all about Torn.

Why Does TornHub Exist?

TornHub Exists to feed you with Quality News and other Articles all about Torn. We Plan to release a few categories of Articles (and more will be worked upon and released at a future date)

  1. Tornography
  2. Faction Focus
  3. What is Happening
  4. Daily Forums News
  5. Experiments
  6. Player Focus
  7. Wars
  8. Developers Focus

Please Note: “Daily Forums News” is only the segment’s title and the news may not actually be published daily.

If You’re interested in Writing for TornHub here’s how you can,

  1. Private Message ORAN on Torn
  2. Email oran@oran.pw
  3. Join Discord server and post in #Article-suggestion
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