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Developers Focus November 2020 Explained

What were the Developers focused on for November?

Disclaimer: I Had No Special Privileged Access to Information, what you’re about to read is entirely My Thoughts and research into the Topics. This Article Cover’s Patchlist #166 to #169.

Developers Focus is incredible to stay updated about the upcoming changes/updates to the game, for instance, “Crime Writing” which Alice has been focusing on for Eternity and will focus on for Eternity.

That being said let’s figure out what developers were focusing on for November:-

1. Project Management

Chedburn is responsible for Managing all Torn Projects. Project management is the process of leading the work of the team to achieve goals and meet success criteria at a specified time.
From what I’ve heard, Project Docs are created by Chedburn and are Submitted to Developers for them to work on.

2. Crimes 2.0

The Future of Crimes that may one day arrive on 2089 Crimes 2.0 is a complete overhaul of the existing Crimes system. First Teased many many years ago and is currently being developed, It is perhaps one of the Largest Project Torn has been working on and was 55% Complete on 22/02/2016 although the post states “Initial Release” I believe Chedburn has changed his mind and it will be released in Full at once.

Crimes 2.0 is pretty cool, I don’t want to talk about this because I think it’s a long way off, but it is progressing slowly. We’ve just hired a creative writer to initially plan the detailed structure and formatting of the crime results. -Source

3. Full activity log

Activity Log was released earlier this year on 26/05/20 but it was only an initial release,

Once we’re happy that the ‘Recent History’ panel is working as expected, we’re planning on adding a full ‘Activity Log’ page that will allow you to search through all of your logs by category and date ranges. We’re planning to store all logs forever, so you’ll have a complete history of everything that you’ve ever done. -Source

The Full Activity Log will be released in the future, it will be located on a separate page. If you’re impatient and would like to export current logs here’s a Nice Scrip by Lugburz it allows you to filter as well export as CSV file. It does however require you to select on the activity log and hold the page-down button unless you’re on a MacBook Air like me.

4. Loadouts release

New Loadout system was released on 03/11/20 right after patch #166

We’ve just released a system for managing different equipment loadouts, you’ll now see this at the top of the Items page. This has the following features… See your currently equipped armor and clothing. Click on the image to enlarge it. Weapons, Armor, Clothing, Mods & Ammunition you equip is saved in a Loadout. Rename loadouts, and swap between them depending on your requirements. Click or tap a weapon’s ammunition to instantly toggle between special ammunitions.

5. Weapon & armor bonuses

These are special Bonuses for weapon/armors like for instance Demoralize for Gold Plated AK-47’s or Freeze for Snow Canon. You can find the Full List here

6. Core updates & refactoring

These updates involve Important changes to the site’s code and refactoring is the process of restructuring existing computer code—changing the factoring—without changing its external behavior. Refactoring is intended to improve the design, structure, and/or implementation of the software while preserving its functionality.

7. WAI support

Alexander usually works on implementing and Improving accessibility functions for the site. If you’re interested you can read more about WAI here

8. Countdown timer module

I’m not exactly sure what or where the Countdown timer module is being implemented but my best guess is the developer is working on implementing better or rather more accuracy for the energy/nerve bars.

9. Google Play payment integration

Torn is currently working on integrating Google Play Payments into the Donator House, meaning you’d be able to purchase DPs directly through the Torn Android App, and again this will also result in more options since Google Play’s system is Flexible in terms of what they accept. You can find Joshua’s Comment here

10. Bugs & Issues

This means the Developer is also focused on fixing Bugs apart from whatever their regular role is.

11. Bot hunter anti-cheat system

The new Bothunter system intends to capture and send users using Bots to make automated actions in the game to federal jail. here’s a relevant comment from Joshua when GF was fedded.

This has been part of a fairly long term project, big props to Dima on the development team here for his help, of which CSP was a part of and other bot hunter projects. This is still ongoing but users who are very clearly automating their actions to play the game, train in the gym, bypass the captcha, and are profiting in the 10s or 100s of billions have been logged and are in the process of being deleted. This is but the start of a series of ongoing logs 10s of millions of rows long and we have just begun to scratch the surface with some fairly high profile jailings such as this one and some lower tier ones scattered in the mix as well. In some cases users have been using programs that have been offered out there for sale, in other cases people had their own dedicated servers specifically set up for the purpose of playing their accounts, and others, for them or multis to feed a singular individual. Ultimately, if you want to break the rules to such a degree then you are only wasting your own time as at the end of the day we will catch up to you and all of that effort will be for nothing.

12. Temporary accounts for mobile app registration

Temporary Accounts would be severely limited kinds of accounts, perhaps to give PlayStore’s new player’s an experience of the game before they signup, basically a Torn Trial.

13. CT2020

aka Christmas Town 2020, it will remain open till 2 weeks from 17/12/20

14. Header rebuild

Rebuild to the Site’s Header my best guess is this will Improve SEO for the site. s

15. Ranked warring

A version of the old Warring system where you declare war on a faction and Hospitalize members to gain respect, Ranks on HOF, and also Fat Respect Bonuses when you win. There haven’t been any detailed releases of how its going to work, guess we’ll have to wait and see.

16. Poker 2.0

Bug fixes and improvements to the Poker Casino Game.

17. Native Android app

Native App for Android rather than the current Browser implementation built using Ionic Framework.

18. News Ticker

The New News Ticker functionality was Added Last month

19. Stocks 3.0

Complete rebuild and a New System for Stocks that allows you to withdraw payouts rather than them being automatically credited

20. Bookie 2.1 preparing beta

Preparing Beta Testing for Bookies 2.1, basically, Bookies 2.0 with no possibility of arbitrage and a limit of 1,000,000,000

21. Unavailable

It means the Developer is unavailable to work on the projects.

22. Credits page

Rebuild of the Credits page, so far The icons have been converted to SVG format in preparation for Dark Mode.

23. General QA

Quality Assurance of the Site.

Quality assurance focuses on improving the software development process and making it efficient and effective as per the quality standards defined for software products. Quality Assurance is popularly known as QA Testing.

24. Torn Wiki

Improvements and Bug fixes to Torn’s MediaWiki software.

25. Modeling openable supply packs

Creating Designs and use cases for supply packs/caches.

26. Economic monitoring

Chris W. is the Economist that Monitors the Torn Economy and Publishes Economy Report every year.

27. General marketing

Marketing and Promotional Materials of Torn these include infographics, design work, and Ads for Facebook, Google, and Reddit.

28. App marketing

Marketing and Promotion of the Torn City Android App.

29. New Torn trailers

Bunch of Cringeworthy Trailers for Torn. Please Click this, you must see you can find more of these on the Official TornRPG channel.

30. Social media

Sugarvalves is responsible for Managing Torn’s Social Media Accounts, creating posts, photos, events etc and responding to your messages ofcourse.

31. Newspaper

Sugarvalves publishes articles for the Torn City Times

32. Event planning

Planning seasonal events for Torn.

33. Crime writing

Apparently, Alice does a lot more than just Crime Writing. My best guess is it’s designing systems, inputs, and outputs for crimes.

34. Dark mode planning

Planning and converting PNG’s JPEG’s and other assets to SVG’s in preparation for Dark Mode.

35. Cron pod auto-refresh

Setting Cron Job’s refresh for Kubernetes Pods.

36. WS channel integration for attacking

Web Services Integration for Attacking system.

37. URL manager

URL Manager to better manage Site URL’s or maybe implement a better system for URLs Generation.

38. Medical system review in prelude to ranked warring

Reviewing Medical System before releasing Ranked Warring, my best guess is Revives are getting nerfed with some sort of cooldown and/or making changes to Medical Items.

39. Attacking websockets update

Attacking would be made more Live by having it channel through WebSockets so you’ll be able to open up the attacking page and see what activity is happening live.

40. News ticker refactoring

Making changes to the News Ticker’s Code.

41. Legendary bonus icons

They’re working on Red / ‘Legendary’ Weapon Bonuses. The final class of weapon bonuses. They are 25 times rarer than Epic class bonuses.

42. Block users from chatting with banned players

If you’re trying to chat with a user that’s been chat banned the blocked icon will show up as an overlay on the initiate chat icon.

43. Bothunter anti-cheat system data collection

Collecting data from known bots that will be fedded soon and perfecting the BotHunter’s system for the particular use case.

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