The March Dirty Bombs

Why is Everyone and their Mum Dropping Bombs?

March resulted in a total of 5 Dirty Bombs being dropped Why tho?

The Hcom3 Bomb

Hcom3 Actually quit a Year ago, He only came back for Elimination 2020 where he lead Karma Farmers to Top 4 then went dark again till… he finally decided to login 2 weeks ago and call it quits once and for all. He decided to run a giveaway and kept doing RR Matches till he finally won enough to buy a Dirty Bomb.

I was bored really. I doubled up in RR once and someone told me that if I did it once more, I could buy a DB. I just said “fuck it”. Got lucky, got a bomb, and here we are.

When I was just starting the RR games, looking to double up so I could buy the DB, I was wanting to bomb cheds faction. It would have been really dumb, and pointless as he can just change the respect values himself. However I decided closer to the bomb detonation point that I wanted it to be an actual faction. In the end I was considering doing IBB, or SA. I chose SA mainly because they have already been DBed, and it would have been really funny for them to get hit… again. I wanted this to be special, and PrincessJulie jokingly came up with the idea that I make a thread when I plant it that I am bombing NS II. It would be pretty unexpected and when the actual bomb happened it would be pretty fucking funny. So I went with that. I not so patiently waited for the bomb to prime, waited some more for a friend to fly and planted. I made the thread, and here we are today :)

The Drop

After pulling a huge Troll on the forums where he claimed he dropped the bomb on NATURAL SELECTION II the faction he was in before he quit, On Bomb Detonation the truth was out, He dropped the bomb on Subversive Alliance fake Troll Screenshot provided by Hcom3

Obviously this was a troll, I wanted to make this thread as PJ gave me its great idea. The actual Bomb was on SA as you can now tell.It was kinda hard picking between IBB and this, but I think this was funnier. -Hcom3

I Managed to Interview Hcom3 tad bit before he dropped his bomb if you’re Interested to Know Why he left the game and his Finishing thoughts you can do so here (would recommend opening this on PC)

oh well, anyways you can find an excerpt below

Don’t be lazy, the biggest hinderance to my further success was my lack of motivation at times, putting in a lot of effort goes a long way. This game is a massive daily grind. The simple shit adds up. You don’t have to spend 16 hours a day trading or whatever but there is a ton you can do in a 15 minute per day window. Xanax, train, do a few crimes, racing, use a bit of booster space. The small shit like that will add up over weeks, months, years. Trust me when I say if you don’t do some stuff, it will bite you back in the future. Newer players, read guides, absorb information, join factions to help you out. Knowing what you are doing from the start will propel you into the game faster, and allow you to get ahead. Somewhat ties into the 2nd point, but finding a good faction for you is really important. Specials that factions give can be an immense support and will help you out a ton long term, not to mention you can find some really amazing and fun people on this game. And if you don’t think your current faction is working out, there are always more to try out. Gonna be a stereotypical response in this last point, but make sure you are having fun. If your current play style is not working out, you might want to consider changing it. It may not seem like it at times but there really are so many different ways to play this game. Not everyone is suited for every style.

The Bling_Bling Bomb 1, 2 & 3

Bling_Bling a famed Dual Bushmasters collector (unfortunate for him he won’t be known by this anymore) was caught 2 Months ago Collecting Nudes.

According to his latest forum thread, upon returning to Torn from the Forbidden Jail he claims he was unfairly treated by the community manager and wanted to spend his entire networth on a target, that target Turned out to be MnC who has suffered 3 Dirty Bombs so far. Apparently BlingBling is also a professional Power Point Presentation creator, you can read his side below. BlingBling dropped the 2nd 4th and 5th Dirty Bombs of March 2021.

The Drops

Bomb 1

The faction has been severely hit by a dirty bomb, decreasing its respect by 446,720 to 7,028,461.

Bomb 2

Your dirty bomb has detonated, injuring 486 citizens and severely damaging Mentos and Cola,decreasing its respect by 438,612 to 6,601,549.

Bomb 3

508 injured as Dirty Bomb detonates near Mentos and Cola’s headquarters reducing respect by 404,688The faction has been severely hit by a dirty bomb, decreasing its respect by 404,688 to 6,204,032.

In Total Mentos and Cola lost 1,290,020 Respect to 3 Dirty Bombs dropped by Bling_Bling

Finishing Thoughts can be summed up by a single Euphoria post,

The Anonymous Drop

Right after Bling_Bling dropped their first bomb, while he and few others that offer “bomb drop” services were offline we saw a nuclear cloud

The Drop

The bomb detonated at Natural Selection HQ. The suspected bomber acccording to the forums is Miro Leader of Subversive Alliance rumored to have dropped the bomb as retaliation for the Hcom3 bomb. However these are only rumors for now since there’s no official confirmation as of yet.

Curious Minds are welcome to view this spreadsheet by Boo feel free to help make additions by dropping your bomb.

Will Nuclear March continue throughout April? Maybe, Maybe not? Guess we’ll find out soon.

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