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What is Happening with Medical Items!

Why has the Medical Items Market Suddenly Crashed?

Welcome to our first article from the segment ”What is Happening”, in this one we’ll be covering about medical items that recently had a good crash in their values.

One would claim Medical Items are the most used out of any category but with the New Territory changes does This still stand true?

At the Time of Writing, Small First Aid Kits have fallen below the Price of Empty Blood Bags with almost $500 difference in their price. First Aid Kits sit at a mere 23,000 Which was Considered as the Normal Price for Small First Aid Kits and Morphine’s sit around 33K

The Question that I mostly get is “What is Happening with Medical Items” that’s where the segment name is stolen from in case you’re wondering… :P.
To Find out I Decided to sit down with few Trader’s in TornHub Discord, to have them share their thoughts on the Topic.

Scofield Jumps in and wonders “okay seriously.. what is happened meds?? ” Unique adds to that, “Seriously, even when (I) add just 1000 meds, it will go down, (I) have stopped thinking about it altogether.” Which Implies Trader’s have already felt the effects of the Price Drop and the Market Saturation from all The Trader’s getting rid of their large stocks and Faction Leaders getting rid of their “Fake War” Supplies.

ddtyterminator a ‘Smol prawn’ but not a ‘likkle fish’, has some thoughts to share, he think its a good change for small meds users “Apparently meds is now lower on market than on pharmacy? i dont have access to pharmacy. On one hand, it is good cause people like me who can’t buy from pharmacy can just buy from market. ”
ddtyterminator However has a Big Brain Solution for it, “(The) only way for it to recover I feel is not to increase the demand (but) to tell everyone to sell at a higher price” well… this might not Actually work due to ruthless undercutting from traders in the meds section.

Scofield Believes there’s no way for Meds to recover, “SFAKs are F(tornfriendlycontent)ked Because of 5e walls… Morphines are the worst… blood bags dropping because of too much supply…” Scofield is referring to “Too Much Supply” Because New Player’s in most factions work on getting their IV-Therapy course done to begin filling blood bags for the faction armory, In General the more people that have access to withdraw Blood, the more Blood Bags enter into circulation, And not to mention most factions run a blood bag competition to help stock the armory as well as resell to buy more empty blood bags.

The 5e Walls?

Yes the 5E Walls, it is great timing that scofield mentions that, The Small First Aid Kits which are used by factions that used to fake wall for their neighbors were affected by the recent addition of 5e per wall join now those factions either don’t fake wall at all or just do real Wars. Hence they do not have to buy them weekly/monthly for fake walls but rather to just replenish from normal faction use.

For Most Older Torn Player including myself, this doesn’t come off as a surprise because back in the day, before Territory wars(released at the end of 2017), inflation and influx of new players, Small Kits actually used to scroll around 9k - 15k(at peak) range

Now with the Fake Wars almost gone, will the Market for Meds ever recover?

They Actually Might but not for long, With the Elimination Competition looming over the Horizons there’s a pretty good chance if nothing goes wrong they might increase close to their early 2020 range. Now its time to Wait and Watch!

Thanks to Every Trader in Tornhub Discord for sitting down with me and Providing their insight. If you have an article Idea for anything related to the Market or not, please drop a mail to ORAN. you will be shortly contacted for an interview. or Join Our Discord and post in an appropriate section.

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article disclaimer: some quotes have been edited for refining purpose.