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Daily Forums News 28/8/20

Bogie wants to join Yer Faction!

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Now here’s Some huge news to begin with,
Resident Bogie Wants to tour factions, feel free to invite him from the faction discussion thread he created

This is something that I have been intending to do for some time now where time allowed, and time now finally allows to work on a task that many people have suggested I do.
However I feel the time has come,… to explore some other areas to get a chance to touch base with a wider community, see how things are run there and just get to know more people on a personal level as community manager of Torn. -ResidentBogie

Skipper’s rant thread about lack of war content in FD can be found here Well… If you’d like to cover/ want me to cover an article on any war feel free to post in discord.

Little Penguine that Dabs hard was wondering why their Bank is Locked

NotMI-6 Has a Pretty Simple Question

So I’m planning change my character gender to woman, but I already in marriage with someone for 3 years now. Will it ruin my marriage???

Well UV1 probably has the best answer

Your spouse is in fed, i’m sure they won’t mind :P

Wollongong was Wondering what in torn pisses you off the most.

Hammi Created a Thread about Torn Addiction, you can see everyone admit here

Skipper wants to know which Elimination team is winning this year

MightyDuck’s Rant Thread about the local news article can be found here the best part of it is probably sugarvalves reply.

I’m happy to publish both sides of the story, and I always want to, but a lesson I learned very early on is that it’s much easier to put out one side if you want the other side to be told. Some people don’t reply to my inquiries because they’re too busy or disinterested, but they sure become talkative once the other party has had their say in full view of everyone. This is the most efficient way of getting news out. I always get both sides, eventually.

In your case, despite your betrayal of both mine and Chedburn’s trust, I’d have been happy to publish your version of events if you’d sent it over in response to the article. But given that this thread is now four pages long and we still haven’t seen any comment from you on the accusations made by Chohivzla, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that if it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, and firewalks like a duck, it may indeed be a duck. -sugarvalves

Icy had a question on what gives the most exp anyways tl;dr leave>mug>hosp.

dabbing LittlePenguin turned 300k into 180k in the casino. hopefully they do not see my casiNO stats.

Oh boy another thread about the casino Slaw is wondering if your High-Low luck is worse than his.

This Thread is 7 days old but has some good advice on preparation for Elimination.

Pusher wrote a guide on how to push Blackmail fake females

Forums Quality; maybe a little better.

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See ya Tomorrow :)


1: why did you miss about x talking about y?
A: Cause they irrelevant or i missed it
2: why did you not cover about the recent x event?
A: Probably missed it
3: why are you such a ****?
A: Moms Spaghetti
4: do you buy my stuff?
A; Yes

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