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Daily Forums News 24/8/20

Daily Forums News for 24/8/20

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Since the Daily TL;DR stopped i decided to pick it up and ruin your all lives again. you’re welcome. This will be a little bit more than tl;dr but i will try to keep it interesting ofcourse. i kept the title simple but more than just the forums will be covered.

1: why did you miss about x talking about y?
A: Cause they irrelevant or i missed it
2: why did you not cover about the recent x event?
A: Probably missed it
3: why are you such a ****?
A: Moms Spaghetti
4: do you buy my stuff?
A; Yes

Today is a rather interesting day, because its the Public Release of TornHub a Fansite for Torn City!

Irix made a nice little Buy muggers List savage Big_Rico requested to add them to the list and Jelloman is mad(kinda)

here’s how Hammi’s Cruze Line Venture went. spoiler: 1/8 accepted.

Big_Rico started a discussion about the recent math/maths/meths/mathematics change

Indent Updated their Honors Bar List

B3 Had their First 25K Chain, if you scroll a little you’ll find a screenshot of the chain report.

Triplicant has the 8th Largest E-peen in the City.(he hit 20k Karma aka the 5th stat.) He also hit 1337 days age

Goober announced about IBB’s 8M respect weird flex but ok.

Cow’s GF, Missy_Moo Posted about their Journey with Xanax

Papillon25 was wondering how long it would take before someone gives up ngl it has some good thoughts, go check it out.

Vrocks who has a fetish for loading bars posted their method to make 80 - 100M per day

The_Library which probably hosts no books, was wondering how to become competitive without spending IRL cash money.

TIL - Failing a Bust loses you no crime exp.

Jroger1 got their RNG honor bar at day 10

Forums Quality; kinda interesting

Today’s Forum news was Brought to you by TornHub go read more about it here
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