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Player Focus: LTJELLOMAN

Player Focus Article of LTJELLOMAN, A Competitive Mugger and Investor

Welcome to Our First Player Focus Article, in this one we’ll be having a good look at LTJELLOMAN who has sat down with me for the Interview. LTJELLOMAN is a Competitive Mugger and Investor, He also may or may not have mugged $70,955,303 from me during the interview.

Where did LTJELLOMAN come from and what’s his Genesis Story?

I found torn in middle school when I was 11 or 12 didn’t play for a year or two I logged back in with enough money to buy shit Armor and guns

I was a trader back in the day I made something like 5-10b trading back in 2010 decided to take my bank investment which was at 800m after 2 years after I found a parachute i sold for ~300 mil

Things were going alright for LTJELLOMAN untill the fateful day when he got himself scammed

got scammed by someone pretending to be staff with a red name and lost 3b of my factions money at the time. I was about to quit because of IRL stuff and me getting scammed was at a horrible time so I was about to quit and tried to explain why my factions mates were going to lose 1b of their money and 2b of mine at the time

Thankfully for LTJELLOMAN he was part of a good supportive faction he recalls the name was “white tiger clan” but it no longer exists.

they all said it is kind of fishy and I just explained I basically lost everything I had and they knew I was having a difficult time IRL so they convinced me to keep playing and let me use their money to trade it back, it took me 3 weeks to make the money back but I became a buy mugger for it, I was the type of person to buy a PI from someone and chain mug them I had a reviver at the time and I would mug these people until I ran out of E

LTJELLOMAN currently sits at $108,000,000,000 Networth with his real networth being way higher than this, over $36,000,000,000 in Money Mugged with almost the entire amount being real mugs with only 500M of it being mug protection in the old system

i only did like 2-3 mug protections back in the day for ~500m

According to his achievements thread He set a goal of mugging $5b IN 30 Days but due to his power supply failing he couldn’t use his PC anyways he managed to mug $4.532B in 30 days. this was 9 months ago

I was waiting to get 5 billion mugged in 30 days to post this but due to a power supply to fail I couldn’t use my PC. Therefore I cant wait any longer to post this. so in 30 days I’ve collected a new market tax of 4.532 billion off of some very nice people. Seeing Money mugged $10,223,327,095 is crazy to me.

Most of his muggings have been from pure buy mugs/RR stalking and he has proudly done no trade mugs because he sees them to be scummy behavior.

To everyone I have mugged its just the forced discount tax I have implied due to it should take some effort to be a trader after trying to come back and be as big of a trader as i was aka sold 100 billion in my bazaar in 3-5 months making 3% due to all the lazy traders abusing mug protection and capping the market, and how when i started out as a trader there was no mug protection and if i wasn’t online i would just be mugged every 40 mins. So you cant be mad if I mug you and blacklisting me might slow me down but i can still mug you you can ask a few of the people I will be thanking in this thread.

With almost 2.5B coming off of RobSnow who has now quit, LTJELLOMAN would have been way more richer if RobSnow hadn’t quit. Anyways just 6 months later He hits 25B money Mugged

I’d like to think this is only the beginning of me trying to plant my flag in the mugging game but I’m sure I won’t be able to keep up with all these new muggers I’ve paved the way for, or maybe people will learn how to not be a easy mug target.

I hope everyone knows its mostly just in fun and it’s something I personally find enjoyable in torn. If I have ever mugged you and we had a convo after please share how you feel about me and let others know its just a game and theirs no reason to be mad

LTJELLOMAN claims to be mugging for fun and its indeed true according to multiple sources, some even mentioned he helps out new players and blind ladies to cross the road.

(pictured: some salty tears)

LTJELLOMAN mentions some of his most Fun mugs were not his buy mugs but rather quick snipes of someone else’s buys,

Apart from Mugging, LTJELLOMAN watches the market vigilantly and he’s been quite lucky to score a few GOOD DEALS.

although he hasn’t managed to buy a Dirty Bomb for 40M yet, he does have quite an impressive luck with good market deals.

Another area where LTJELLOMAN has his money, mouth, eyes and friends are on Companies, he looks at Companies like they’re some kind of Money Printers (spoiler: they actually are money printers)

LTJELLOMAN runs a few Logistics, TVs and a few other types which his Trusted friends Hold for him and oh boy he does have a lot of Trusted Friends he knows in real life.

LTJELLOMAN also does stock trading, item trading if they are cheap, he does credit stock trading for contributing a sizeable amount to his Networth.

What are his expenses? How expensive is his life style? LTJELLOMAN mentions,

I am too cheap to really use anything but I guess cans would be my biggest expense or my “torn kids” most people know I have a lot of IRL friends i play with and I spend more money on them than on myself

What are LTJELLOMAN’s end Goals?

I really want to help my friends grow, i really think at the moment my goal is to make Natural Selection II as good as I can. I recently reach my goal of getting to 100b networth even tho I already had it in proxies company’s but that was a big deal. my next goal is 200b but realistically torn lifetime goal would probably be 500b networth i really don’t know if i can do it since i plan on starting SE’s so i can catch up to most people. I’d love to maybe get to the top 500 BS but by the time i get their that might be like 50b total. really I just want to have fun while I can

Thanks to LTJELLOMAN For sitting down with me for the Interview.
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