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Daily Forums News 25/9/20

Rarest Evo PA Noob Monkey Overdose Ever.

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There was a Literal Easter egg on the last one but Trust me there’s none on this One. however, First 5 People to Mail me on Torn Gets 2x Xanax Each. cause y’know

Math Dealer Proxima Created a Thread about How rare is your rarest Weapon with shitton of Math, Equations, Probability and this useful graph

Evolution is Evolving with their PA tactics, they literally just succeeded a PA with 1 Green Leaf who went from Level 1 to 7 and NNB went up by 20.

The_Skipper’s YART (Yet Another Rant Thread) about non existentiality of a Warring system. Anyways the good news is CT 2020 is coming soon and Crimes 3.0 might show up in 2130

Napkin Fraudster Andyman has a nice little Goal to see How your Gold Plated AK 47 ranks against Other Gold Plated AK 47s

My goal is to account for the damage/accuracy/demoralize-%/quality stats of more than half of the Gold Plated AK-47’s in the game by the end of 2020.

He has also Supplied this graph

Here’s MJH’s Thread about the new Honor Bar - Triple Tap (get 3x headshots in a row) here’s some Math from the Napkin Fraudster if you’re interested

chuckyvoorhes the kind of guy that does self sus in Among us has some troubles with his faction Scarley Points out

your faction has like 1m combined battle stats… what group is attacking?

SmittyWerbenjag shares their experience being a Noob in the Elimination Competition

Speaking of Noobs, Yeehaw is Willing to give Noobs some advice Unlock Unlock’s some Wisdom

Lucky A**hole Razole Managed to OD on their First Cannabis

Kittens n Monkeys become the Sexiest Faction in Torn

Forums Quality; Holy Shit Evo Did a PA with a Nub

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1: why did you miss about x talking about y?
A: Cause they irrelevant or i missed it
2: why did you not cover about the recent x event?
A: Probably missed it
3: why are you such a ****?
A: Moms Spaghetti
4: do you buy my stuff?
A; Yes

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