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Daily Forums News 6/9/20

Weird Name Elimination Barracks Faction

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TornHub was briefly failing to deploy I have now found an alternative way to deploy, I apologize for not feeding you with quality content yesterday.

Yes They Actually Did it!

I Reached out to Their Supreme Commander USinfidel for comment on the name change,

I would say… given that is wasn’t used in a disparaging way, how it has become so widely used, and even we use it jokingly… with Elim and the number of our members participating. Why not have a little fun with it.
As a former Marine, Teufel Hunden has a special meaning to me and we will change back, but for now, we are going to have a good laugh and some fun.

Champion gets the Credits for the name change, no he doesn’t have a gun held to my head, no mug isn’t trying to mug me. I Swear

Elimination Team Choosing started yesterday, there’s 10 Teams each team has 100 lives and push happens every 15 minutes

Yes, Toothpaste is an actual team.

Dude Dude is terrorizing TerrorBytes and here’s the Strategy Leaked! and here’s Andyman’s Terrorizing Video

Sweetus Created a Thread about Why Karma Farmers Will Win

Indubitably was Wondering what Elimination Team did you get

Paul Created a Thread listing Elimination Team Leaders its pretty impressive to see a no name brand called “placeholder” leading multiple teams

Elimination Zom13 Memes Thread

CRLF’s Best and Strangest Display Cases has been Updated!

The Non-Fairytale forum called “VIP Corner” which only the top karma farmers have access to, which unfortunately MarlonWeirdo also has access to was brutally murdered Yesterday morning. ForumPolice say it was legal however some people disagree otherwise

ArrowRightForOneTime #PrayForVIPCorner #MarlonDid9/6

Zithro Created a Thread about Why you must never trust RYANCAR

Baronv0ndude speaks out about his changes and regrets

Hopslam created a Poll about your favorite Karma Farmer

Blasted was wondering what causes Item’s Value to be Not available

Forums Quality; can do better

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1: why did you miss about x talking about y?
A: Cause they irrelevant or i missed it
2: why did you not cover about the recent x event?
A: Probably missed it
3: why are you such a ****?
A: Moms Spaghetti
4: do you buy my stuff?
A; Yes

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