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Daily Forums News 3/9/20

whats a elim?

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— Elimination teams to have 100 Lives instead of usual 30 and team with the lowest score loses life every 15 minutes.

Essentially, Elimination is a team tournament where players attack each other to score tickets, with each successful attack gaining your team a ticket and taking one from your opponent’s team if they have any left to take. Under the usual format, teams have 30 lives and 1,000 tickets, and the side with the lowest number of tickets each hour loses a life. This year, teams will have 100 lives, with the team with the lowest number of tickets losing one every fifteen minutes. After all of a team’s lives are depleted they are eliminated. This continues until only one team is left standing and is declared the winner. -sugarvalves

Savit was wondering how to pick an Elimination Team

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ScottishHare was wondering why people were mugging him after rr

another Laptop/PC thread

Wollongong created a Elimination spying script discussion thread

if you’re a f[tornfriendlycontent]king geek checkout Vladar’s Training Formula 2.0

AirQuotes wrote a guide on how poker score works

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1: why did you miss about x talking about y?
A: Cause they irrelevant or i missed it
2: why did you not cover about the recent x event?
A: Probably missed it
3: why are you such a ****?
A: Moms Spaghetti
4: do you buy my stuff?
A; Yes

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